Our Chinese Adventure

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austinchills.jpg (61295 bytes)Austin chills in the Forbidden City! austingugong.jpg (78238 bytes)Austin and Daddy play in the palace.
boysforbidden.jpg (60139 bytes)The Forbidden City Family. forbiddenattraction.jpg (79739 bytes)Forbidden Attractions!
momdadmao.jpg (66460 bytes)Mom, Dad, and Mao review the tourists in Tiananmen Square. forbiddencity.jpg (48609 bytes)The Gugong (Forbidden City).
paullion.jpg (89622 bytes)Paul and a Lion guard the gates. forbidden.jpg (73520 bytes)The boys make a friend.
chinaflag.jpg (15981 bytes)The National Flag of China. dadaustin.jpg (66693 bytes)Daddy and Austin at the palace.
dadbehaipark.jpg (57235 bytes)Dad relaxes in Behai Park. forbidden2.jpg (69878 bytes)More friends.
forbiddenboys.jpg (75380 bytes)The Forbidden Boys.

joeybehaipark.jpg (55679 bytes)Joey at the imperial playground of Behai Park.

forbiddenpaul.jpg (77224 bytes)Paul at a Forbidden Lion. tireddad.jpg (45444 bytes) Grandpa feels his age at Behai.
paulandmao.jpg (79797 bytes)Paul in Tiananmen Square. paulbehaiview.jpg (60393 bytes)The much younger Paul at Behai.


wangfunjinstreet.jpg (78306 bytes)Wang Fu Jin - Shoppers' Paradise. joeymomwangfujin.jpg (68754 bytes)Joey and Mom.
paulchurch.jpg (37602 bytes)Paul standing in front of a church. paulchurch2.jpg (44600 bytes)Same church, slightly different angle.
joeymomchinamarket.jpg (87374 bytes)

Joey and Mom perusing night market.

paulmiddleroad.jpg (71423 bytes)Paul stands in middle of street.
familygreatwall.jpg (152783 bytes) The Great Wall Adventure begins! Mvc-010s.jpg (56885 bytes)