Paul's Visit

 pauljoeytopworld.jpg (93262 bytes)Paul and Joey atop the world's tallest hotel. denisepaultopworld.jpg (83364 bytes) Denise and Paul celebrating the big graduation.
skyview.jpg (91315 bytes) Paul takes amazing photograph of beautiful Singapore. singskyline.jpg (78111 bytes)Another picture perfect postcard from the big guy.
tallhotel.jpg (63382 bytes)Yet another picture from the top of the world. suntec.jpg (76234 bytes)Looking down on Suntec City - home to the world's second largest water fountain!
padang.jpg (94414 bytes)Looking down on Singapore's oldest piece of preserved real estate - The Padang! flyeyes.jpg (75881 bytes)Looking down a really ugly new building.
joeylove.jpg (77683 bytes)Denise revels in the warm glow of Joey's affection. clarkquay.jpg (93526 bytes)A bird's eye view of Clark Quay (home to my favorite brewery).

Roving photographer Paul Vlachos stands at entrance to world famous Singapore Zoo.

Are they plants?  An hallucination?  No, you are looking at two species of sea horse.  Amazing footage brought to you from Underwater World.

Tommy and Austin