Summer 2007


The Ultimate Battle Between the Sharks (Meanies) and Turtles (Good Guys)

Daddy thinks he's getting the turtle, but Tommy, Austin, and Bonetta get it back!

They were all smiles before the battle!

Emergency! Emergency! May Day! May Day!

Daddy must be stopped!

Watch out for Tim the Shark!


Tim and Daddy are getting ready to attack!-------------------->

Tim the Shark Goes for the Boys

Bonetta's under water saving the day!



The boys and Bonetta won!

Flying through the air!

Tim making off with the turtle!-------->>


Shark Attack!!!!!!!!!!

      Hold tight!  We're on safari!

This rhino was about five feet from the car.  Tommy and Austin were put

in a time out to force them to look at it.


Who needs Disney tickets when you have The Lion Country Safari?

The beach, pool, cake, and Seaworld at Nanny and Pop Pops

Feeding the Dolphins was the best part of Sea World!

Shamu signals the merciful ending to the cheesiest show on earth (yes, even considering Disney)

The best Fathers Day ever!  Pirate Golf!

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